About Piramal Group

Doing Well and Doing Good

With a far-reaching scope, a commitment to excellence and a continued promise to better the lives of individuals, Piramal Group stands apart as a business leader both in India and on the international stage. Form healthcare and life sciences to information management, financial services, specialty glass packaging and real estate, Piramal’s wide reach never exceeds its grasp on the human impact of each and every endeavour.

Piramal works to improve the quality and availability of healthcare for people worldwide; develops architecturally innovative homes that enhance the lives of residents; devises new solutions for packaging safer, superior food, medicine and consumer goods; assists in building the financial foundation for a stronger India; and addresses the social and infrastructural roadblocks to high quality of life. Our commitment to “doing well and doing good” informs everything from our business practices to our personal interactions.

Our Story

Founded as a textiles business, Piramal Group shifted its focus to pharmaceuticals in the 1980s under the leadership of Ajay Piramal and Dr. Swati Piramal. Over the course of the last three decades, Piramal Healthcare has become India’s fifth largest pharmaceutical company, and Piramal has acquired businesses in other growth sectors, including the assets of multinationals in Switzerland, Germany, France and the UK. Piramal Glass has grown to become Asia’s only speciality glass packaging company, lauded for manufacturing excellence by Frost & Sullivan in partnership with the Economic Times in 2012.

The group entered the real estate sector in the 1990s and began to develop marquee real estate projects, such as India’s first modern retail mall, Crossroads, and Mumbai’s landmark business destination, Peninsula Corporate Park. In 2011, we re-entered the real estate sector as Piramal Realty.

Piramal now holds long-term equity investments in leading financial conglomerate Shriram Group, worth approximately USD 1 billion. Piramal Realty is ranked by Forbes and India Today as one of India’s fastest-growing real estate companies.

Growth & Betterment

Piramal has developed and consolidated an international business network by partnering with other market leaders of repute, all of whom share our commitment to building businesses that create long-term value both for stakeholders and for consumers. Valued at USD 4 billion, over 70 percent of company revenues are generated from international markets. With operations in 30 countries, we employ over 7,500 individuals of 21 nationalities.

Committed to living our values of knowledge, action and care, we ensure that our partners and customers benefit from all of our varied efforts. Piramal Realty builds on our promise to affect real change on the individual and community levels by enhancing opportunities to lead balanced, productive, beautiful lives.

About Piramal Realty

Since 2012, Piramal Realty has aimed to enrich lives by setting new standards for customer centricity, architectural design, quality and safety. Piramal Group’s legacy of responsible stewardship for individual and community growth, as well as the group’s unflagging commitment to knowledge, action and care, is reignited in our activities as its development arm. Our empathetic engagement with customers guarantees that their needs are continually met and exceeded, ensuring that Piramal Realty homes are places to thrive.

To ensure that our developments are of the highest calibre, we seek out the most renowned individuals in the real estate sector to serve as stewards of and collaborators for each of our endeavours. Our partners include architectural innovators KPF, Fosters, Make, HOK, KPF and Callison, international structural consultants Burro Happold, security and transportation experts Max Security and vertical transportation experts Lerch Bates.

Our Board of Advisors consists of Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC; Nitin Nohria, Dean, Harvard Business School; Robert Booth, former CEO, EMAAR; and Subbu Narayanswamy, Director and Head of Real Estate/Infrastructure in Asia, McKinsey & Co. Our commitment to quality has garnered the favour of leading private equity firm Warburg Pincus, who have recently made their second investment in Piramal for a minority stake in its rapidly growing real estate endeavours.

Our Vision

“To build India’s most admired real estate company, admired not just for its scale & profitability, but also for its impact on the lives of its customers & the progress of our country.”

Our Mission

Create spaces that significantly improve the quality of life

We will strive to:
  • fulfill consumers’ aspirations through outstanding design, exceptional service and creating vibrant communities

  • be the most trusted partner for all our stakeholders

  • excel in project execution and achieve the highest standards of timeliness, quality and safety

  • be one of the “Great Places to Work”

  • achieve a premium relative to competitors in the neighboring area

  • be a Top 3 player in India by net asset value by 2020


Meet the team behind Piramal Realty

Ajay Piramal

Chairman, Piramal Group & Shriram Group

Deepak Parekh

Chairman, HDFC Bank

Nitin Nohria

Dean, Harvard Business School

Robert D. Booth

Former CEO, Emaar

Subbu Narayanswamy

Director, Real Estate/Infrastructure practice, McKinsey

Khushru Jijina

MD - Fund Management, Piramal Enterprises Ltd